ABout Us


Kliniken’s purpose is to empower men and women to look and feel like themselves,
in their most confident and beautiful form.
Who we are


Kliniken takes its name from the Swedish for ‘clinic’. Sweden, a country that embraces nature and balance, also holds a heartfelt and personal meaning for the brand’s founders. The translation is the same in German — a country famed for its logic, science, and attention to detail. Aptly so, these qualities are essential within cosmetic surgery.

At Kliniken, we take pride in detail in every part of the experience we offer. This helps us to deliver exceptional service. After all, we believe in professional craftsmanship — a blend of science and art. Our experts see the beauty in everyone, they appreciate symmetry and ratio, and emphasise a person’s best features.

Science does not need to be synthetic or manufactured. We take a natural approach to surgery and solutions. We appreciate “real” beauty and take a caring approach to our clients. We help people to feel rejuvenated, confident, and themselves.

Many appreciate the craftsmanship of a beautiful sculpture, design piece, or furniture. Likewise, clients can value and treasure their operations, treatment and experience at Kliniken.

Our Vision

“Kliniken will transform the way we view cosmetic surgery forever. Our clinics will be recognised globally for our blended appreciation of art, science and nature.

We will be recognised leaders in the industry, offering expert procedures and techniques not offered nationally including natural alternatives to synthetic filler and silicone breast implants.

Ultimately, we believe in celebrating “real” beauty and taking a caring approach to our Clients. We envision a world where everyone has the confidence to reach their full potential”.


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