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What are Stem cells?

Stem cells are how the body heals itself! Right from the point of conception, stem cells are what allow 2 cells to form the entire, complex human body.

There can be different types and they can be found in different parts of the body. Most people will have heard of stem cells from Bone Marrow and umbilical cord.

More recently, fat stem cells (also known as adipose-derived stem cells) which live in the fat layers of everyone’s own fat. These are more common and more powerful than any other stem cells in an adult.


What is Stem cell therapy?  

Stem cell therapy is performed by injecting the patient’s own stem cells to stimulate the body to repair and replace damaged tissue in any joint or soft tissue structures – such as knees, shoulders, hips, wrists, ankles, elbows, thumb, fingers, tendons, ligaments and non-healing bone fractures.

The therapy can also be used to treat back pain including lumbar degenerative disc disease as well as facet joint pain throughout the spine.


Who would perform my procedure?  

Mr. Mallappa Kolar is one of a few doctors in the UK who is based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

He is trained in this same-day, minimally invasive procedure. He performs this in conjunction with orthopaedic colleagues Mr. Girish Vashishta & Mr. Stefan Niculescu.


How much is the Stem Cell treatment for Arthritis?

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    2 hours

    local and sedation or general anaesthetic
  • COST FOR (Arthroscopy + Stem Cell)

    £8500 to £10500

    2 weeks


    24 hours
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Mr. Stefan Niculescu
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Mr. Girish Vashista
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Frequently Ask Questions


Stem cell therapy and research have been performed for a long time! The longest use has been in patients needing bone marrow transplantation for cancer. This has been performed since the 1960s, with no concerns. More recently, different sources of stem cells have been found which has helped increase the range of medical conditions it has been used in. There has been variability in success, but throughout, the process of stem cell as transplantation has been safe. 

So far there are a number of studies have been performed internationally on the use of stem cells in arthritis over the last 2 decades. In the UK, we are a little behind the curve in that sense with only a handful of centres offering regenerative therapy for arthritis. However, very few people have the combination of experience of stem cells and clinical medicine as our surgeon Mr Mallappa Kolar who is the UK trained, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and has a PhD in Regenerative Stem Cell Treatment.

Every treatment will have side effects and after-effects. This would have to be accepted when undertaking any treatment including having your blood taken where you can get bruising and bleeding. The treatment of stem cells for arthritis is a combination of well-established techniques which are liposuction (which has been around in its modern iteration since the 1960s) and arthroscopies (around in modern terms since the 1970s).

One difficulty with the current situation in the NHS is having to deal with the backlog of all the effects of COVID. This means having to prioritise life-threatening conditions such as cancers and injuries after accidents. A side effect is that “routine” conditions are waiting with some joint replacement lists building up to 4-5 years long now. This means that the NHS does not have the option of trying to find/test alternatives to what is being offered currently. The same scenario is being played out in other conditions such as specific skin cancer operations or lasers to treat burns scars. We want to be able to offer a service as we do not want the British public to miss out on the best treatments available.

There will be a group of people who will find the costs too high. A really good analogy we have had from previous patients is that you accept depreciation on a new car that you buy and the money you lose. Wouldn’t you want to spend that on your own body to help it to help you enjoy your life?

We have tried to keep the costs down to the minimum, but to give you an idea of what is needed to do one of these operations for just one patient would be: 

One liposuction machine, one camera system, the stem cell isolation kit, 2 surgeons, 1 anaesthetist, 3 nurses, and 2 non-clinical staff for 2 hours. This is when we are doing things like a day case and not including all the other things that are used such as the blades, drapes, stitches, fluids, drugs including antibiotics and dressings, the theatre set up and so on. 

We want patients to get a package price so they don’t have to worry about any add ons or hidden costs so we included in the cost is close follow up’s, wound checks, all dressings and at least 3 consultations with the 2 surgeons who are in charge of your care, which otherwise tends to be charged individually.

If it is something that we have done, then yes. We do not want our patients to negatively suffer from the procedure. Part of this process is that patients are counselled with long consultations and provided with all the relevant information to help them to understand the good and potentially bad effects of this surgery. It is important that this is a balanced decision that the patient has to make so we can promise nothing will happen because medically that is not possible. We will be honest about what can happen and how we can help reduce those risks, but if they do occur, what we can do about it. After a certain period, there is the rest of life that happens and results of that we obviously won’t be able to cover, but if we can help, we strive to do so.

A big reason that not much is being done by other UK surgeons is the scepticism as its not well known. You have to remember that when some thing new comes in, however good it may be, innovators only make up 2.5% of the market. We are at the start of the innovator curve, so we are right on the cutting edge. We have consistently heard from other orthopaedic surgeons that they cant wait to see our results and how patients recover etc, so people are primed to get involved. At Kliniken, we aim to be the thought leaders of this field nationally and globally.

A really straight forward way to think about having the stem cell treatment is that it does not stop patients from having any other procedures. For example, the current stars are physiotherapy for pain early on, steroid injections when it gets worse, manage with pain killers until things get really bad and then finally a replacement. This is a huge spectrum clinically with very few options. Steroids can only be used 3 times in each joint and you can have one replacement at a time. The joints can last but depending on how active and young you are, replacing the replacement gets more and more difficult. 

Stem cell treatment can be repeated as many times as needed, uses your own body so nothing man made (like the steroid or replacements) and helps the body to regenerate what has been damaged over time (nothing else does this).

There is a chance of this. Since this is new, one element we are exploring in to see which types of patients would benefit from this surgery most so that not everyone needs to spend their money on something that might not work for them. The study is in process so we hope to publish these results in due course.

There are lots of people who have had stem cells for lots of conditions including blood cells, bone marrow cells and fat stem cells. So far in scientific literature, there are no reported adverse outcomes directly from the stem cells being transplanted.